Passage Japan Small Business Support Project for Foreigners in Japan


The "Passage Japan" is a project to support small businesses which set up by foreigners living in Japan. The word of "Passage" means a building, a covered gallery of shops, a shopping arcade. Visitors to our site can see your sites at one place. During the coronavirus epidemic, when you have problems attracting customers, we launched this project in September 2020 to help each other. In the Passage we will try to develop different directions, such as yoga, traditional cuisine, music, sports, etc.
Only together we become strong!



Passage Project

About the project

Please participate in our project. If you are a foreigner living in Japan, who runs a small business or wants to start one, please contact us. We would like to support the following businesses (if it is not clear to which exactly your business belongs, ask us).

Handicrafts / cookery (black bread, pies) / traditional restaurants / yoga, health, sports / music (piano, violin, etc.)

What can we do for you. Create your site + upload and support it in the top ten and on the first page of Google + for 12 months site management, updating it. Site making -15,000 yen. The sites will be designed for Japanese taste, their preference for design, and more. The first month after creation is free. Then a monthly payment of 5,000 yen is charged. If you are interested, please contact us via Contact Form (write what business, your coordinates), we will definitely answer you

Passage Japan

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